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You probably love Minecraft more than ever. Why not enjoy the pocket edition for free? Download Minecraft Pocket Edition APK right now and start playing the game while your on the move. No need to pay $7 or $8 now, just download the APK and start playing this awesome game right on your phone.

Play the greatest overhaul to Minecraft: Pocket Edition as such! It’s the redesign of an era. Download it now and see for yourself!

Minecraft is about setting squares to manufacture things and going on different adventures and tours.

Pocket Edition incorporates Survival and Creative modes, multiplayer mode enables you to play with your neighborhood over Wi-Fi system, endless universes, caverns, new biomes, swarms, towns and parts more. Art, make and investigate anyplace on the planet as long as you want and as long as your battery runs 😀


There’s never been a superior time to appreciate mobile Minecraft.

Some Tips and Tricks on Playing Minecraft:

1. It is possible to place torches on furnaces and crafting tables.

2. It is possible to place blocks on the side of a torch. Just try hovering over the torch till you find a grid.

3. You can use the torch to break the sand gravel. Its actually fun to do. Just break the lowest sand block while holding a torch in your hand.

4. You can create Pyramids or other fun stuffs with the help of torches as it can hold any amount of weight on them.

5. Fire Proof wooden slabs. That’s right, wooden slabs are literally fire proof and they don;t even blast.

6. Want to hold Lava or Water? Try using pressure plates as they can hold water and lava without spilling all over.

7. Want to build secret underwater rooms? Try using Ladders and Signs as they can block lava and water.

8. You can go directly through a 1 block wall while riding on a Minecart rail.

9. You can use Nether Fences and Regular Fences to design something unique as they do not connect.

10. Use swords to break melons and cacti’s and Axe’s to break pumpkins the fastest way while on survival mode.

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition APK Free

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